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Smartphones are a modern-day marvel. They keep us in touch with our world, our loved ones, and our favorite shows. They help us capture memories with friends and stay up to date on the latest news. For many of us, smartphones have become one of life’s necessities – a technology we wouldn’t want to be without.

However, sometimes the cost of a new phone or the monthly service charges that go with it can be a strain on your wallet. Thankfully,AT&T PREPAIDSM has flexible and affordable device and service options to help you stay within your wireless budget. If you want to learn more about AT&T PREPAID and why it’s a great choice for wireless service, this article will help answer some of your questions.

What is prepaid wireless service?

Prepaid wireless service, also known as pay-as-you-go, lets you pay in advance for your monthly service charges. There are no annual contracts or credit checks, and because you pay for your wireless plan upfront, you’ll know exactly what your monthly charges are. You may also find it easier to stay within your monthly budget, because you will already know your monthly wireless costs.

With AT&T PREPAID plans, you can manage your wireless service online. This makes it simple to pay for your plan, change your plan based on your needs, add lines to your account, and sign up for AutoPay.

Getting started with AT&T PREPAID is easy! Visit att.com/prepaid to shop and sign up online. If you sign up online, there is no activation fee. You can also visit any AT&T Store to shop for phones and sign up for a monthly service plan.

Why choose an AT&T PREPAID plan?

AT&T PREPAID plansare flexible and convenient. You’re not locked into any costly annual contract. You can change plans without extra fees as your needs change. And AT&T PREPAID offers plenty of affordable service plan options. You decide how much data you want and then select an appropriate monthly plan that meets your data needs. From unlimited high-speed data, to just a few GB per month, you should be able to find a plan that’s perfect for you!

AT&T PREPAID plans offer you flexibility in other ways as well. For instance, you can add more data on your phone, tablet or hotspot whenever you need it, and you can cancel your plan at any time.

  • All AT&T PREPAID plans use the AT&T network, America’s best network.1
  • All AT&T PREPAID plans include unlimited talk and text plus text to over 200 countries.

The Unlimited Plus plan offers unlimited high-speed data, 10GB hotspot,2 nationwide 5G access3 (with compatible device) and more. On unlimited plans, AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy.

  • If you don’t need unlimited data, AT&T PREPAID has smartphone plans starting at $30 per month for 5GB of high-speed data.
  • AT&T PREPAID Data-Only plans provide high-speed data with 5G access3 at home or on the go specifically for tablets and mobile hotspots.
  • AT&T PREPAID has simple payment options. You can save time and money withAutoPay, and make paying for your monthly plan convenient and automatic.
  • With the AT&T PREPAID Family Plan, you can have up to five lines on one account with discounts for each additional line and one easy monthly payment that covers all your lines4

Do prepaid phones still exist?

Yes, there are still many prepaid phones (as well as tablets and hotspots). A number of devices in an AT&T retail store can be a prepaid device, including phones, tablets, and hotspots from the most popular brands. With AT&T PREPAID, you can get the device you want at an affordable price. You can also bring a new device or one you already have to AT&T PREPAID simply by purchasing a SIM card.

How do prepaid phones work?

AT&T PREPAID phones work like any other phones. They connect you to the same great network that you get with any AT&T wireless plan. You get the same great coverage that customers have come to expect from AT&T. The only difference is that with an AT&T PREPAID plan, you pay in advance for service rather than by a monthly bill.

Can you use a prepaid phone as a regular phone?

A prepaid phone is already a “regular” phone. The only difference is the payment agreement you have with your wireless provider. The phone is the same regardless of whether it is set up for prepaid or post-paid billing. Most popular smartphones, tablets and hotspots can work with either type of wireless plan.

Prepaid phone options from AT&T

AT&T PREPAID offers a variety of popular smartphones from top brands, including phones to fit every budget and need. For instance, if you don’t use data or need a lot of extra phone features, we have basic phones for talking and texting only. AT&T PREPAID also has lots of limited-time device deals and promotions that can help you save money.

Learn more about AT&T PREPAID

AT&T PREPAID plans and devices offer you all the benefits of America’s best network1 with the freedom and flexibility of a prepaid plan. That means no annual contract, no credit check, no deposit, no overages, and no activation fees. Plus you can get the data and device you want at a price you’ll love.

For more information, visit the AT&T PREPAID community forum page

This article is AT&T sponsored content written by Matthew Johnsen and Hillarie Morris, both TechBuzz contributors. The statements in this article are their own and don’t necessarily represent the positions, strategies, or opinions of AT&T.

1GWS awarded AT&T Best Network OneScore 2020. GWS conducts drive tests for AT&T and uses the data in its OneScore analysis.

2U.S. usage only. After 10GB, data speeds are reduced to a max of 128 Kbps for rest of term.

35G requires compatible plan and device. 5G service may not be available in your area. See att.com/5Gforyou for details.

4Requires minimum $30/month phone plan and enrollment in Family account. Account owner responsible for paying monthly plan charges for all lines. Details at att.com/multiline.

Why AT&T PREPAID Might be Right For You | TechBuzz by AT&T (2024)


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