Ruud Achiever 90 Plus Not Igniting (2024)

1. RUUD Achiever 90 Plus won't light - Community Forums

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  • RUUD Achiever 90 Plus won't light - Gas and Oil Home Heating Furnaces

2. Thread: Ruud Achiever 90 Plus flame sometimes won't stay ignited

  • We have a Ruud Achiever 90 Plus furnace that will sudden lose flame during heating cycle. There is a lot of "clicking" sounds that accompany this.

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Thread: Ruud Achiever 90 Plus flame sometimes won't stay ignited

3. Ruud achiever 90 plus gas furnace flame will not stay on - HVAC-Talk

Ruud achiever 90 plus gas furnace flame will not stay on - HVAC-Talk

4. [PDF] Ruud Achiever® Series 90 Plus® with Dual Comfort Control™ Two-Stage ...

  • DIRECT SPARK IGNITION &. REMOTE ... NOTE: Furnace is not listed for use with fuels other than natural ... PRINTED IN U.S.A 04/12 DC FORM NO. G22-530. Rely on Ruud.™.

5. Gas Furnaces - Ruud

  • Constant Torque ECM Motor; Ruud-Exclusive PlusOne™ Ignition System; Ruud-Exclusive PlusOne™ Water Management System; Industry-First-PlusOne™ Diagnostics. VIEW ...

  • Browse our entire line of Ruud gas furnaces below, and when you’re ready to get started just click our Find a Contractor link to talk to a certified Ruud ProPartner contractor today!

6. SOLVED: We have a RUUD Achiever 90 Plus. We think the - Fixya

  • 26 dec 2010 · does the furnace ignite?? your system may not have been lighting and has gone into ignition lockout count the codes of the led lights then ...

  • We have a RUUD Achiever 90 Plus. We think the ignitor is bad?? Furnace will kick on, but the flame won't ignite. - Ruud Heating & Cooling question

7. [PDF] GAS FURNACES - Alpine Home Air Products

  • The Ruud® Achiever 90 Plus High Efficiency line of upflow ... □ Direct spark ignition ... NOTE: Furnace is not listed for use with fuels other than natural or L.P..

8. Ruud Furnace Repair Guide | Error Codes & Troubleshooting

  • 21 feb 2024 · Internal control fault. When to call a professional to repair your Ruud furnace. While you can troubleshoot a number of issues on your ...

  • Tips on troubleshooting Ruud furnace error codes and when to call a professional. Get a furnace running smoothly with our Ruud furnace repair guide!

Ruud Furnace Repair Guide | Error Codes & Troubleshooting

9. 5 Reasons Your Gas Furnace Won't Ignite | HVAC in Reston, VA

  • It is possible for a flame sensor to go bad; but more often than not, it is not broken, just dirty from carbon buildup. A flame sensor is an important component ...

  • Struggling with a gas furnace that won’t ignite? For furnace help or furnace replacement in Fairfax, VA, get in touch with John Nugent & Sons now!

10. Ruud Achiever 90 plus will not ignite - Fixya

  • 5 okt 2009 · Look on the condensor, (outdoor unit) at the very bottom of the rear panel and you should find a red reset button. push it. If that does not ...

  • Ruud Achiever 90 plus will not ignite My furnace will not ignite, the fan comes on when at or below the thermostat - LG LW1200ER Air Conditioner question

Ruud Achiever 90 Plus Not Igniting (2024)


Why is my furnace turning on but not igniting? ›

If your gas furnace initiates the start cycle but does not fire up, it's likely because of a faulty, damaged, or dirty ignitor/sensor. This is a very common furnace problem — you can try to clean the sensor and replace the ignitor.

Why is my heater clicking but not igniting? ›

Defective Igniter or Pilot Light

If it makes a clicking noise but your furnace won't ignite after its combustion cycle, then it's more than likely going to need to replace the electronic ignition systems.

Why is my gas heater flame not igniting? ›

Check if the gas supply is on, the pilot light is lit (if applicable), and there are no blockages in the gas line. If everything seems okay, it might be a problem with the ignition system or the thermocouple. It's best to have a professional technician take a look to ensure it's safe and properly fixed.

How do you reset the ignitor on a furnace? ›

Resetting The Ignitor

Once the power is off you can remove the burner door to reveal the ignitor. Turn this to “off” and leave it off for at least 5 minutes. After this time, turn the ignitor back to the “on” position and replace the burner door. You can then turn the power source back on and restart the furnace.

How do I force my furnace to start? ›

The system should have a reset switch. Turn it to “OFF,” and wait 5-10 minutes to give the gas time to dissipate. Hold in the reset switch and use either a match or lighter to relight the pilot light. Try to do this step relatively quickly so too much gas doesn't dissipate around the furnace.

Why is my furnace humming but not igniting? ›

If the hum occurs when the motor is on but not turning, the capacitor may be damaged and, if so, should be replaced. This could result from a poor quality capacitor or a blocked filter. Humming when the blower is off usually indicates that the pilot light needs to be readjusted to the appropriate level.

Why does my thermostat click but my furnace doesn't start? ›

If the thermostat clicks but the AC or furnace doesn't turn on, most often it's because the filter is clogged. A blocked filter will restrict airflow. The particles it's designed to trap eventually clog the filter media, and the system will be unable to generate heat or cool air.

Why does my HVAC unit click but won't start? ›

If the AC unit clicks but doesn't turn on or makes repeated clicking noises during cooling, there may be issues with certain components, such as the compressor, capacitor, fan, thermostat or other mechanical/electrical parts.

Why is the flame light not coming on my furnace? ›

Broken Flame Sensor

If your furnace won't ignite, the source of the issue may be a broken flame sensor. The sensor is responsible for turning off the gas burners to avoid gas buildup. Once this component starts to malfunction, it may stop the burners from igniting altogether.

Why is my igniter not clicking? ›

DOES THE IGNITER MAKE A CLICKING NOISE? Make sure that the igniter is making a clicking noise when you press the igniter button. If it doesn't click, then the wires may not be connected properly, the battery may be dead or installed incorrectly, or the igniter module may have failed.

How to test a flame igniter? ›

Grab a multimeter to check the voltage going to the ignitor connection. Gently put the probes of the meter inside the plug. Make sure you only touch the tips of the plug and not damage it by pushing the probes through. If the value on the meter reads anything above or below 120 volts, the ignitor is bad.

Why is my furnace turning on but not heating my house? ›

The first step in diagnosing the issue is to check your thermostat settings. Ensure that it's set to “Heat” mode and the desired temperature is higher than the current room temperature. Sometimes, the thermostat might be accidentally set to “Cool” or “Fan Only,” causing the furnace to run without heating.

Why is my furnace blowing but no flame? ›

Look Out for Fuel & Ignition Issues

You may have an ignition system or fuel supply issue if your furnace doesn't produce heat after turning it on. You can check if you have fuel issues through the following steps: Look at the gas supply line to make sure the gas valve is open.


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