Family Primary Care Physicians in San Francisco, CA - West Portal (2024)

Our West Portal office offers exceptional primary care for kids and adults of all ages, including seniors on Medicare. We've designed our member experience for real life — from same-day appointments that start on time to 24/7 video chat to compassionate providers who listen. We focus on building real relationships with patients and using technology to simplify every aspect of getting care. And we’re not just here for when you’re sick or injured. We can also help you meet physical and mental health goals, manage chronic illnesses, and live a happier, healthier life. Think of us as your home for healthcare.

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2 West Portal Ave

San Francisco , CA 94127

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Office Hours:

8AM–9PM every day

Special Hours (Office and Lab):
06/19 Wed 9AM-6PM

Lab Hours:

Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri: 8AM–12PM, 1PM–4PM, 5PM–8PM
Wed, Sat, Sun: 8AM–8PM
Please be aware that wait times may be increased from 8am-10am; we apologize for any inconvenience.


Location Details

The office is on the corner of Ulloa St. and West Portal Ave., across from the Muni station.


Two-hour metered street parking is available near the office. There's also free, two-hour residential parking, but availability is limited.

Our services

Think of us as your home for healthcare — your go-to for preventive care like physicals and screenings and your first stop when something feels off.

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    One Medical is real life care for real families — designed to fit your schedule, your needs, and your parenting philosophy. From same/next-day appointments that start on time to 24/7 Video Chat with providers who listen, we make getting exceptional care for your whole family as painless as possible.

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    Expanded hours for urgent concerns

    Injuries and illness pop up at the most inconvenient times, but the expanded hours of our Urgent In-Office Visits make care more convenient for you. Select offices are open late, seven days a week — so you can book an in-office visit for urgent concerns.

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    Everyday and preventative care

    We’ll help you get healthy and stay that way with state-of-the art screening, disease prevention, and lifestyle advice. Wake up with the flu or a questionable rash? We diagnose and treat a wide spectrum of illnesses, so you get the care you need without having to visit the ER or see specialists.

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    Physical exams (we call them Live Well visits)

    This is not a one-size-fits-all physical. Before you come in, you’ll answer a few questions in the app about the health issues that matter most to you in order to guide your visit — from mental health to diet and exercise to sexual health.

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    Women's Health

    While many women believe they need to see an OB/GYN for women’s health matters, the truth is One Medical’s primary care providers are equipped to handle most women’s health issues, including birth control, sexual health, cancer screenings, menopause, preventive care, aging, gynecological problems, and more.

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    Mental health

    Your mental health is an important part of the full picture. Whether you're feeling off or experiencing depression, anxiety, insomnia, or something more complex, our suite of mental health services – Mindset by One Medical – is here to help.

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  • Vanessa Hashim, PA-C
  • Victoria Lau, DO
  • Sarah Thebarge, PA-C
  • Nina Metsovaara, FNP
  • Chelsea Thomsen, MD
  • Albert Ahoy, PA-C
  • Petia Kremen, MD
  • Kristy Lu, NP-C

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Frequently asked questions

  1. The term primary care refers to the kind of medical care you need first — before you get sick, before you need to see a specialist, before you need to go to a hospital.

    From preventive medicine to holistic integrative care to home remedies, we leverage the latest medical research, our collective experience and feedback from you to keep you healthy — whether you're already in good health, suffering from a minor cold or experiencing a life-changing illness.

    Above all, primary care providers offer continuity. In your quest to become and remain as healthy as possible, we are your partners for the long term.

  2. Yes, we take most commercial plans as well as Original Medicare with or without most Medicare supplement plans and select Medicare Advantage plans. To see if we accept your specific insurance plan, use our insurance finder.

  3. Yes, we accept self-pay for those without insurance or with insurance where we are out of network.

    Another benefit that One Medical provides for those without commercial insurance is that our 24/7 on-demand care is available without any co-pays. The only costs would be those associated with in-office care, prescriptions, lab needs, etc.

    Having the extra assurance that you can connect with someone from our virtual care team anytime day or night, could prevent you from making sometimes unnecessary and costly visits to the emergency room or urgent care.

  4. The best (and fastest) way to get in touch with your primary care provider is to message in app/on the website or you can always book an appointment, in-person or remotely.

  5. Yes! We have drop-in lab services in all offices for labs ordered by One Medical providers and you can also get outside labs done on a drop-in basis. Be sure to confirm the lab hours and you can see average wait times in the app.

    • Looking for your annual physical? Choose “Annual Live Well Visit (Physical)”.
    • Are you having back pain, looking for help managing a chronic condition like high blood pressure, want help identifying the right cancer screenings for you or just want care in person? Choose “In-Office Visit”.
    • Want to discuss your concerns virtually with your chosen provider? Choose “Remote Visit”.
    • Looking for a visit focused on anxious thoughts or feeling low? Choose “Mental Health Visit”.
    • Have another health concern? You can always book an appointment (both in-office or remote) with the provider of your choice. There’s space in the booking process to let us know the purpose of your visit so we can make sure your provider is prepared for your visit so you can get the right care for your concern.

  6. Have a concern or question that just can’t wait? Use Video Chat when your concern is more time sensitive. For less urgent, common concerns like skin issues, colds and flu, birth control and more, use Treat Me Now.

  7. Yes! In some cases, we may need you to have a visit (an In-Office or Remote Visit) prior to refilling a prescription or filling a new one. If you’re already a patient, you can use “Prescription Renewal” in the app or on the website or request a new prescription using “Treat Me Now” in the app.

  8. You can check out all our providers here. Once you’re a member, you can select a PCP in-app or on the website. Choosing a PCP allows you to get access to more appointment availability.

Family Primary Care Physicians in San Francisco, CA - West Portal (2024)


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