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nicle Tribune, Marion, Indiana April 12, 1980 4. Court notes Grant County Marriage licenses Larry Emmons, 1955, Marion, and Shirley Elaine Jones, 1961, Marion. Wendell Arthur Bainbridge, 1955, Marion, and Ruth Elizabeth Swanson, 1957, Marion. Suits filed COUNTY COURT State Auto Insurance Association vs. Dart Phillips.

Complaint. Patricia Elaine Line vs. Economy Fire and Casualty Co. and Martin-Morrison Agency, Inc. Complaint on contract.

Cart W. Deeter vs. William Losure and Eugene Losure. Complaint for rent. Ronald Johnson vs.

Debra and Randy Johnson. Complaint on contract. Mississinewa Lodge 2104 vs. John and Sandy Kline, doing business as Kewpee Restaurant. Complaint for possession and rent.

William Roper vs. Benita Bailey. Complaint on account. William Roper vs. Howard Turner.

Complaint on account. William Roper vs. Homer Wise. Complaint on account. SUPERIOR COURT 1 Mark Alan Pinkerton and Deborah Jane Pinkerton.

Petition to dissolve marriage. La Vina M. Clark and Ronald E. Clark. Petition to dissolve marriage.

Joan Guillermo and Pasqual Guillermo. Petition to dissolve marriage. CIRCUIT COURT I Thomas Henry and Teresa Henry. Petition to dissolve marriage. Delia L.

Stottlemeyer and Larry Stottlemeyer. Petition to dissolve marriage. SUPERIOR COURT 2 Marjorie Adamson and Charles Adamson. Petition to dissolve marriage. Gail Marsh and William Marsh.

Peti- tion to dissolve marriage. Susan Gray and Robert Gray. Petition to dissolve marriage. Court notes COUNTY COURT Betty Vanlandingham vs. Marvin and Ova Ferguson.

Complaint for possession. (April 6, 1979.) Dismissed. Chalmer Stemper vs. Dee A. and Barbara A.

Bickel. Complaint on contract. (March 24, 1980.) Dismissed. Sandra Winkler, 17, Fort Wayne, speeding, $32 and costs. James Wilcox, 18, Muncie, failed to appear, abstract sent to state.

Jeffrey Adams, 19, 1820 Wilco Drive, Marion, littering, 10 days in jail suspended and $50 and costs; illegal possession of alcohol, 10 days suspended and $50 and costs. Robert Fleming, 21, 1021 N. Branson Marion, disregarding stop sign, $20 and costs. Jerry Hodge, 20, 203 E. Main Van Buren, no operator's license, $1 and costs.

Robert Turnpaugh, 16, Kokomo, operating on a beginner's permit without a licensed operator, $10 and costs. Ronald Skinner, 17, 3528 S. Adams Marion, speeding, $15 and costs. Batrum, 43, 1101 the Water influence, Jonesboro, driving under 180 days at the Indiana State Farm, $250 and costs; driving while license supsended, 180 days; 160 days suspended, $50 and costs. James Brown, Matthews, criminal recklessness, $150 and costs.

Terry Patterson, 33, Matthews, no registration plate, $5 and costs. alohn Sialer, 31, Converse, speeding, $15 and costs. Marion City Court Judge Robert M. Mitchell presided at the April 10 session of Marion City Court. Nolan F.

Wyant, 57, 211 W. Sixth Muncie man arrested A Muncie man was arrested in connection with a Blackford County burglary Friday morning. Darry! W. Starr, 818 Hemlock Road, Muncie, was arrested on a warrant at 10:40 a.m. Friday in Muncie by Major Roger Reneau and Deputy Pat Crewdson of the Black-: -ford County Sheriff's Department.

Starr was brought to Delaware County Jail under bond of $50,000. Dave Carvell, 600 E. 400S, Hartford City, reported the burglary to the sheriff's department at 4:45 a.m. He said that he was returning home and saw a car pulling out of his driveway with two stereo receivers and speakers, valued at $600, in the trunk. Carvell said he gave.

chase, but lost the car. Reneau and Crewdson found Starr by tracking the vehicle description Carvell gave Both stereo receivers and speakers were recovered. MEET A GOOD NEIGHBOR OF YOURS The one to for all your family insurance needs. LARRY RAUB 812 S. WASHINGTON 664-9544 STATE Lite good neighbor, San Farm is there.

State Farm Insurance Companies Home Offices: Bloomington, Illinois Marion, disorderly conduct, pleaded innocent, trial set for May 22. Bobby L. Warren, 47, 213 Marion, public intoxication, $1 and costs; disorderly conduct, $1 and costs. Gary W. Guenin, 518 S.

Main LaFontaine, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, resisting arrest, pleaded innocent, trial set for June 26.. John H. Jones, 39, VA Medical Center, Marion, public intoxication, $50 and costs. V. Anne Shoup, 48, E.

Third Marion, public intoxication, pleaded innocent, trial set for June 12. Betty L. 57, 2221 W. 12th Marion, speeding, $10 and costs. E.

Pearey, 20, 2257 E. Charles Marion, speeding, $15 and costs. Sidney L. Hartgraves, 28, 702 W. Sixth Marion, speeding, continued to April 12.

Janet Marks, 25, 608 N. Miller Marion, speeding, $18 and costs. Nathaleen A. Ford, 53, 1014 S. Branson Marion, speeding, $17 and costs.

Ronald E. Martin, 44, 10329 S. 1200W, Marion, speeding, failure to appear. Chester F. Smith, 37, 2723 S.

"D' Marion, speeding, failure to appear. Cleveland Davis 27, 151 N. Illinois Marion, speeding, continued to April 12. Eugene and Edith Gray vs. Jerry and Mary Benson.

Complaint on account. Connie Jo Hess and Thomas A. Hess. Petition to dissolve marriage. Wabash City Court Judge Michael Sposeep presided at Monday's session of Wabash City Court.

Kathy J. Bretzman, Peru, speeding, fine and costs of $45. Lawrence L. Partin, Kokomo, speeding, fine and costs of $50. James J.

Creamer, 1265 Circle Drive, Wabash, speeding, fine and costs of $54. Albert L. Jivery, LaFontaine, speeding, fine and costs of $49. Dennis G. Hall, 341 N.

Allen Wabash, disregard stop sign, fine and costs of $46. Marilyn I. Landon, Rt. 1, Warren, speeding, fine and costs of $47. 4 Kenneth W.

Terrel, Rt. 1, Urbana, speeding, fine and costs of $51. Timothy K. "Yohe, 747 a Washington Wabash, speeding, fine and costs of $54, ordered to complete defensive driving school or license will be suspended 60 days. Gary N.

King, Rt. 4, Alexandria, false registration, failure to appear, warrant issued. Roger D. Overmyer, 1, Monon, speeding, fine and costs of $45. Walda B.

Idris, Bloomington, speeding, fine and costs of $46. Robert Ozenbaugh, Rt. 2, Laketon, deception, fine and costs of $29, 010 days in jail suspended. Anthony H. Shockey, 77 E.

Main Wabash, speeding, dismissed; driving while license suspended, found innocent. Dennis G. Kahle, Rt. 2, Cloverdale, Ohio, speeding, tine and costs of $44. Maurice A.

Veenstra, Williamston, speeding, fine and costs John A. Hiatt, Westfield, speeding, fine and costs of $55. John P. Kilander, 298 N. Thorne Wabash, speeding, fine and costs of $46.

Blackford County Hartford City Court Castelo presided at FriJudge, session of Hartford City Court. Renita DonHolten, 40, Brookston, speeding. $11 and costs. Herbert Westcott, 47, Eaton, driving under the influence, $225 and costs, 90 days in jail suspended; license restricted one year. Vicky Jacobs, 23, Dunkirk, speeding, $15 and costs.

George Foreman, 66, Dunkirk, speeding, $13 and costs. Elizabeth Noels, 21, Redkey, speeding, $13 and costs. Michael Brooks, 28, Renselaer, speeding, $13 and costs. Jeffery Marx, 31, Valley High, Ohio, speeding, $15 and costs. Leslie Houston, 18, Montpelier, disregarding stop sign, $10 and costs; speeding.

$60 and costs; no license, $10 and costs; resisting law enforcement, months in Blackford County Jail with all but three days suspended. Janice Marshall, 31, Warren, speeding, $10 and costs. We are happy to announce the Good Housekeeping Cookbook winners at the recent North Park Mall Lawn and Garden Show. Dean Skinner, Van Buren Pauline Harper, Landess Rev. Hall, Marion Mary Skeens, Jonesboro Ethel Connere, Marion Nancy Goldstein, Marion Doris Loftis, Marion The Winner of the Grand Prize of a Bar-b-que grill is Carl Dester, Marion If your home is in need of a spring tape lift give us a call and let us come and talk with you.

We can give you free estimate before President prices and interest rates Increase any further. Larry Brooksher, A HOME IMPROVEMENT 11019 S. Huntington Marion Phone 662-3258 Gas City Court Judge David M. Payne presided at Fri-: day's session of Gas City Court. Steven W.

Jansiszyn, 19, 3091 E. 554S, Gas City, illegal possession of alcoholic beverage by- a minor, $20 and costs. Thomas S. Calhoun, 19, 1423 W. Euclid Marion, illegal possession of alcoholic beverage by a minor, $20 and costs.

Micheal A. Adams, 27, 4601 S. Harmon Marion, public intoxication, $20 and costs, 10 days in jail suspended. Wabash County Marriage licenses Timothy W. Brock, 1960, Aberdeen Proving Ground, and Teresa A.

Brock, 1961, Somerset. Ricky Lewis, 1962, North and Polly Blocher, 1962, North Manchester. Thomas E. Fraustein, 1961. Wabash, and Teresa Henderson, 1962, Wabash.

Gregory.A. Hite, 1955, Wabash, and Susan Brim, 1957, Wabash. Keith W. Ogan, 1958, Wabash, and Debra McKinney, 1959, Wabash. Kenneth E.

Black, 1928, Peru, and Sharon Floyd, 1937, Wabash. Cody Middleton, 1959, Wabash, and Paula Dunn, 1958, Wabash. Jeffrey W. Kramer, 1956, Princeton, and Mary K. Duffey, 1959, Wabash.

Suits filed CIRCUIT COURT Wabash Plain Dealer vs. Don Waiters, et al. Complaint on account. Powercase Central Supply VS. Hively Manufacturing Inc.

Change of venue from Marion Circuit Court. DAVE BOYER 1. in concert APRIL 13 10:30 A.M. COLLEGE WESLEYAN CHURCH 4001 S. Selby Chronicle-Tribune 110-060 Established: 1930.

Published daily and Sunday by FEDERATED PUBLICATIONS, a wholly owned subsidiary of GANNETT from the office of the Chronicle-Tribune, 610 South Adams Street, Marion, Indiana 46952. ChronicleTribune formed from merger of evening Marion Chronicle (established 1865), and morning Leader (established 1912) and Sunday Chronicle-Tribune becoming daily and Sunday in 1968. Entered as second-class matter at the Post Office of Marion, Indiana, under the act of Congress of March 2, 1879. The Associated Press exclusively entitled to the use for publication of news dispatches credited to this paper and also the local news published therein. SUBSCRIPTION RATES: By mail in Indiana: Daily and Sunday, $81.00 per year; Dally only, $69.00 per year.

Elsewhere in U.S.A.: Daily and Sunday, $96.00 per year; Daily only, $84.00 per year. Mail subscriptions not accepted where or motor route service is available. OFFICE HOURS CIRCULATION DEPARTMENT Monday through Frida 6:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday, Sunday a.m.

to noon CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING Monday through a.m. to 5 p.m. 9 a.m. to noon NEWSROOM. Monday through ...9 a.m.

11 Saturday to 11 Sunday and p.m. to 10 p.m. READER SERVICE you have comments or complaints about the Chronicle- Tribune, Its policles, editorial content, delivery service or advertising policies content please call: Publisher. RICHARD B. THOMAS.

Managing ALAN MILLER Editorial Page F. WHITE Circulation Manager. A. ROGERS Advertising Director. MAX CROTSER Phone 664-5111 For All Departments Hospital notes 0.

Samuels, 2302 W. Eighth St. Jennifer Bratch, 1360 Vernon WaMarion Sarah D. S. Slaven, 1951 E.

1200S. Fair- bash. 1 Paul Arlie Caudill, 387 N. Wabash WaADMISSIONS mount. W.

Sixth -Mary L. Smith, Box 851. bash. Mabel St. Waverly.

Teddy Easterday, :814 E. Hill WaAdams, 2133 Marcus D. Allison, 2514 W. Ninth Thadis Spencer, Box 24, New Kenneth E. Arrendale, 710 E.

Charles Mamie L. Topps, 920 S. Nebraska St. Wabash. bash.

Twigg, 6955 S. 350E, Jones- Patricia Fox, 46 Stitt Road. Beverly L. Washington boro. Priscilla France, 521 E.

Hill Wabash. Catherine 4 Malinda K. Wesling, 817 W. Fifth St. John Long.

Silver Lake. H. Boggs, 2116 S. St. 2140 E.

Boco*ck Mildred L. Wheeler, 8810 Pendleton Jessie Thompson, Rt. 4, Wabash. Margaret M. Brown, Pike, Lot 205, Lawrence.

DISMISSALS Ellen F. Burtner, 812 Eastmont Drive, Guenevere Whelchel, 2150 S. Fairfield Edna Kinley, Rt. 1, Denver. Gas City.

Drive. Margo Elrod, Rt. 2, Peru. P. Carmichael, 2610 W.

Eighth St. BIRTHS Carla Nead, Rt. 4, Peru. Aaron Charles J. Carter, Rt.

2, Greentown. Mr. and Mrs. James W. (Sharon Keit- Louis Cole, 178 E.

Main Wabash. Angela M. Coates, 306 E.S. Gas: er, Rt. 2, Greentown, boy, 8:08 a.m., Lisa Stults, Rt.

9, Huntington. April 11. Brandy Wyatt, Rt. 2, Wabash. City.

Coffelt, 819 N. Branson St. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd L.

(Bette Landis, Katie Carpenter, 125 Sherman WaSillar Glen V. Davis, 424 E. Highland Ave. 701 S. Water Jonesboro, girl, bash.

Dennison, Box 442, Con- April 10. Clarence Tolley, 175 W. Main Wa- George C. 4:52 a.m., verse. Mr.

and Mrs. Claude (Rebecca Lyons, bash. Faith C. Ferwerda, 1743 W. 10th St.

1007 1 E. Sherman 'girl. 3:49 p.m., Barbara Fields, 702 Walnut North Geraldine G. Finley, 4050 N. Weaver April 10.

Manchester. Road. Mr. and Mrs. David (Phyllis Smith, Diane Miller, Rt.

1, Urbana. Elizabeth A. Glock, 2110 Boco*ck Road. 401 E. River Jonesboro, girl, 9:25 Shawn Cooper, Rt.

2, North Manchester. J. Gray, 2631 Ticonderoga Drive. p.m., April 10. Bertha Leland, 324 Hale Drive, Wabash.

Carl Anna B. Hanks, 1525 Timberview Drive: Sylvia Lindsey, 318 E. Maple North Apt. 210. Huntington Manchester.

Randy S. Hiatt, 1530 W. Nelson St. Mamie Finney, Peabody Home, North Dickie B. Lee, 523 Circle Drive, Fair- ADMISSIONS Manchester.

Virginia Searles, 1702 Sabine Hunt- mount. Hazel G. Leonard, 615 W. 12th St. ington.

Officers elected Donella Lovings, 5312 S. Harmon St. JoEllen Christine Stout, Jackson, Marion. 1631 E. State Members of the College RepubliElizabeth A.

Romine, Rt. 1, 1 Amboy. Huntington. cans of Marion College have elected Brian A. Smith, N.

Branson St. -F Jerry Kaltenmark, 436 Linwood Drive, officers. Robert D. Strunk, Rt. 2, Gaston.

Sophom*ore Abby McFeters was Theadora M. Walker, 725 Lincoln Blvd. named chairman. Other officers are George E. Wardrip, 1508 Bradford Pike.

Jody Janet Bir, Hensel, 2029 Rt. 7, Sabine Huntington. Huntington. junior Sandy Pattison, co-chairman, DISMISSALS DISMISSALS and sophom*ore Kevin Batman, secKellee D. Bartel, 401 E.

Fourth Falr- Chandra Williams, E. Market retary-treasurer. mount. The group also announced plans Joseph M. Beckham, 1501 Sylvan Drive.

Huntington. Williams, Andrews. to attend a Wednesday afternoon reAnne E. Bell, Rt. 1, Roann.

Betty Brenda Tackett, Rt. 5, Huntington. cetion at the Indiana governor's Melva E. Brown, Box 201, Warren. mansion in Indianapolis.

The Pamela J. Brown, Box 201, Warren. Marion group will join with other Roy L. Brown, 2353 a W. Ninth St.

Blackford College Republicans in the meeting Merrill C. Chappel, 2522 S. Boots St. ADMISSIONS with Gov. Otis R.

Bowen and Lt. Glen A. Cunnington, 408 Walnut Drive, Sarah Furnish, Country Manor, Hartford Governor Robert Orr. Gas City. City.

Catherina Davis, 206 Vickery Lane. St. Clinton Cheesman, 1415 N. Mulberry Break-in reported Dorothy Duckwall, 814 W. Fourth Hartford City.

Barbara K. Feist, 8716 E. 300S. Linda Banter, 807 W. Commercial WABASH Cash, several guns and Robbin L.

Green, 7.322 W. Delphi Road, Hartford City. fishing equipment were reported Converse. DISMISSALS taken in a Friday morning break-in David E. Harper, Taylor University, Up- Verna Hahn, 222 N.

Mill. Hartford at the Coast to Coast Hardware land. store in the Wabash Village ShopTimmy L. Hensley, 319 E. Walker City.

ping Center, 1305 N. Cass WaBen Barnes, 301 E. Perkins Hartford Jonesboro. City. bash.

Randy S. Hiatt, 1530 W. Nelson St. Robert Winnans, Upland. Police said a hole was cut in the Millie M.

Jones, 1858 S. Branson St. Robert Kershner, Montpelier. roof of the building to enter the Lucile Lipman, 616 S. Boots St.

store. Neva J. Lyons, Rt. 3, North Manchester. Wabash Several shotguns, rifles fishing Sandra L.

Miller, Box 951, Peru. rods and knives, along with an undeSusan A. Nall, 1420 S. Gallatin St. ADMISSIONS termined amout of money, were Coy E.

Owens, 3532 Fern St. Belinda Applegate, Rt. 1., Urbana. taken, police said. Bernadine Richards, 5720 E.

250S, Fair- Cheryl Adams, 1166 Indian Hills Drive, No arrests were made Friday mount. Wabash. and police said the case remains Drennon Robson, 221 N. Washington St. Charles Cochrane, RI.

2, LaFontaine. under investigation. A 4 1 Tribune WANT AD RESULTS or else we'll re-run 6 your ad FREE! Sell your car, boat, furniture, range, dishwasher, TV, golf clubs, with a Chronicle-Tribune Want Ad: A great hedge against inflation. We're so sure you'll get results that if you don't we'll re-run your ad im-. mediately the same number of days as your original order.

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