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Inspired by Jimmy Buffett, his songs, and the lifestyle so many of us wish we could follow.  All pictures and logos are from the websites of individual clubs around the United States.  The nicest folks you'll ever want to know.


Having tattoos made for your chapter is not only great for the members.  At any of your events, you can make the crowd into honorary Parrot Heads for a day.





1,000  1.5" x 1.5" Temporary Tattoos only cost $89.00 + shipping.

with 3-5 Day Shipping & hdl.($15) and 5% Overprint* ($4.45)   Total  $108.45

with 2-Day Shipping & hdl.($28) and 5% Overprint* ($4.45)    Total  $121.45

with Overnight Shipping & hdl.($53) and 5% Overprint* ($4.45)   Total  $146.45

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Temporary Tattoos are also an excellent way to raise funds for your favorite charity.  Make a tattoo representing the event, such as a crawfish festival, town fair, truck or motorcycle rally, etc.  They cost pennies and sell for dollars.  Nothing else has such a big markup, and they act as their own advertising.  The more you sell, the more people want to have one.




Turn your Information Booth into a Tattoo money-maker too.

It's easy to set up!

1000  2" x 2" only cost $108.00 + shipping.

with 3-5 Day Shipping ($18) hdl. and 5% Overprint* ($5.40) Total  $131.40

with 2-Day Shipping ($32) hdl. and 5% Overprint* ($5.40)  Total  $145.40

with Overnight Shipping ($60) hdl. and 5% Overprint* ($5.40)  Total  $173.40

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Put a temporary tattoo on a child and watch the smile appear.  Put one on an adult, and guess what...  there's that smile again.




This images on this page are offered as a tribute to Parrot Heads and the great work they do for charity.  It just so happens, they have a lot of fun while they're doing it.

These Images are licensed and may only be ordered by the appropriate chapters of Parrot Heads in Paradise.  These images are not for general sale as tattoos, and are not stocked.

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