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Why was my credit or debit card DECLINED?

   By far, the most common reason is:  

   DECLINED:0000000000:Rejected due to Invalid address or zip

   The "BILLING ADDRESS" (the first one you are asked for) must be the address you gave your credit card company as your home address - where your statements are mailed each month.  The "Shipping address" (second one you are asked for) can be anywhere you wish to send your tattoos.


DECLINED:0700520009:INV CVV2 MATCH :  

On Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards this is the last three little numbers on the back of your card at the end of your signature.  For American Express it is four numbers on the front of your card above the account number.

   DECLINED 0000000000 DECLINED 

This means you are over your credit limit or there are insufficient funds in your account.  Check your balance or call your bank.


   Another reason you may have been declined is for a phone field that is too long.  Please do not include more than a ten digit telephone number.  555-222-4444 (no extensions)


   You may also be declined for an invalid or incorrect credit card number or expiration date.


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