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Frequently Asked Questions

Dune Temporary Tattoos, Inc.

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How much do they cost?
   Prices for the most popular sizes of custom tattoos with shipping are listed on our Order Form.  If you are interested in different sizes or quantities, please call us at 877-679-9948, or fax us at 727-264-2445.

What is the minimum quantity I can order?
   1,000 for custom designs, smaller quantities available when ordering designs from our stock catalog.

What is the maximum quantity I can order?
   There is no maximum quantity. Please call for custom quote.

How can we place an order for temporary tattoos?
   Go to our secure Order Form.  Or call us at 877-679-9948, or fax us at 727-264-2445

What methods can I pay for the temporary tattoos?
   We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, company check, money order.
The most convenient and safest way to pay is with a debit or credit card, all sales are guaranteed by your bank or credit card company. You may also use "PayPal." 

What is a Purchase Order?
   A purchase order means: “Send the tattoos and I will mail a check later.”

P.O.'s are used by Schools, Police & Fire Departments, Hospitals, and business accounts that have established credit with us and must pay by check.

Please choose: "Printable Order Form (Postal Mail/Fax)" on shopping cart checkout

Fill out the billing and shipping address information

Put your P.O.# and any other instructions in the "Special Order Instructions" box.

We do not accept purchase orders from individuals or businesses without application first.

How long does production take?
   We start orders every day except weekends and holidays. Orders will ship nine days later. If you need them by a certain date, please note it in your email or the special instructions box at checkout.  We wil notify you if faster shipping is needed.

What shipping methods are available?
   Orders are shipped via Federal Express Ground unless a faster method is necessary.  We can use your FedEx, UPS, DHL or Purolator account number if you wish.  Shipping to US addresses outside the mainland is by Express or Priority US Mail.

Shipping to other countries is by FedEx Express Priority or Express Economy.  You may also use Express or Priority Mail.

To Canada, FedEx Ground is also available, but there will be a Canadian tax and fees which must be paid by the customer on delivery.

How much is shipping and handling?
   Shipping is by weight.  Higher charges will occur for packages shipped outside of the US (please email for quote). You may supply us with your carrier account number so you can be billed directly.

How are the temporary tattoos applied?
   Remove clear plastic shield. Place, image side toward skin, where you want the temporary tattoo. Press a wet towel, paper towel, or sponge to the back side of the temporary tattoo for 30 seconds. Slowly remove paper backing from skin. Allow temporary tattoo to dry before touching or covering with clothing.  How to make temporary tattoos stay on longer ----->  Tips for Tattoos

How are the temporary tattoos removed?
   Remove temporary tattoos with rubbing alcohol or baby oil. Let it soak for a bit to dissolve the tattoo before rubbing it off.  Temporary tattoos are resistant to water and most soaps, and hard scrubbing with soap will irritate the skin.

Are they safe?
   Our temporary tattoos are made with vegetable-based ink and glue that has been approved for the skin by the U.S.D.A.  Temporary tattoos remain on the top of the skin.  They are not invasive or harmful.

How long do the temporary tattoos last on skin?
   3 to 5 Days depending on your skin.  Longer on young children.

What if the temporary tattoos are defective or damaged upon arrival?
   Contact our service department via email at info@temptats.net or by phone at 877-679-9948.

In what sizes can temporary tattoos be made?
   The smallest size is 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches. The largest size is 25 inches by 40 inches.

How many colors can be used?
   All temporary tattoos are printed using as many colors as you want. An optional white ink can be added for FREE for designs that require a light or white background. All inks are FDA regulated and are different from inks used for printing on paper.

What formats do you accept art work?
   Files ending in tif, eps, ai, pdf, psd, jpg, png, and gif are good formats and will work if they are high resolution (300dpi).   Avoid sending Publisher, Powerpoint, and any other word documents unless that is all you have.  Send the art and we will check it.

How do we submit art work?
   You may attach your art to an email and send it to us at art@temptats.net

Please put: "Artwork" in the subject of the email.

... or Mail a disk or your patch to:
Dune Temporary Tattoos
2882 Gulf To Bay Blvd. Lot 150
Clearwater, FL 33759-4028

Can we submit a photograph for a temporary tattoo?
   Yes, photographs make good temporary tattoos as long as the image is clear and not too dark. Photographic tattoos may need the optional white behind the light or white areas to obtain the desired effect. White ink is free, but must be specified when ordering. You must indicate where the photograph should be cropped.

Do you sell temporary tattoos of trademarked characters/logos?
   No. Unless it is from the person with the trademark or license.

Will you design a temporary tattoo for us?
   Yes.  There may be a fee for more than minor touch-up or adding letters.

Are there extra charges for international orders?
   Yes.  Duty or customs charges, taxes and processing fees may apply and must be paid by the customer.

Why was my credit or debit card DECLINED?
   By far, the most common reason is:  
   DECLINED:0000000000:Rejected due to Invalid address or zip
   The "BILLING ADDRESS" (the first one you are asked for) must be the address you receive the statements each month for your card.  The Shipping address (second one you are asked for) can be anywhere you wish to send your tattoos.

   You may also be declined for an invalid or incorrect credit card number, expiration date, or cvv security number from the back of the card (front of card with AmEx).

   Another reason you may have been declined is for a phone field that is too long.  Please do not include more than a ten digit telephone number.  555-222-4444 (no extensions)

   DECLINED 0000000000 DECLINED means you are over your credit limit or there are insufficient funds in your account.



Customer Service Reps Our Customer Service Representatives are available Monday - Friday from 9:00am to 6:00pm EST


General Information
1. PRICES may change without notice. All prices are effective and firm only as indicated by our acknowledgment. Catalog prices are based upon customer furnishing color separated artwork on disk with fonts in position. Typesetting and final artwork will be quoted upon review of customer layout and specifications. For custom sizes or larger quantities please contact us at 1-877-679-9948.
2. CUSTOMER DISK REQUIREMENTS: Floppy, CD, or Zip disk. A B&W or color proof of your artwork and a printout of your disk directory would also be helpful.
3. COPY CHANGE: Charges are subject to complexity of production and will be quoted promptly upon review.
4. PROOF APPROVAL: Signed proofs that are OK’d without any corrections must be received before production can begin. Customer is responsible for any and all errors that may have been overlooked on a proof signed as OK to proceed.
5. EACH USA SHIPMENT HANDLED: Add $5.00 per destination with your address provided, F.O.B. Factory.
6. EXPORTS: Add $10.00 handling charge per shipment in addition to item 6 above plus any CUSTOMS department charges; customer to provide all export documentation.
7. Custom Tattoos are subject to a 5% overrun.
8. SHIPMENTS are F.O.B. factory. We will ship via our discretion. Please furnish your address shipping information. The quantity of labels required will be indicated on the quotation. Shipping weights for all products are available upon request. Providing that we have shipped as instructed and on time, our responsibility ends when your order is received and signed for by the carrier in accordance with our written schedule.
9. RETURNS OR REJECTIONS OR ORDER CHANGES will not be accepted without the written authorization of Dune Tattoo Corporation. Claims for defects, damages or shortages must be made by the customer in writing within a period of thirty (30) days after shipment.
10. RESPONSIBILITY: If final artwork is not furnished as above in sections 2 and 3, the factory reserves the right to arrange copy elements and not be responsible for conflicting or ambiguous instructions or materials supplied by customer. Dune Tattoo Corp. is not responsible for errors due to handwritten copy. Customer corrections or alterations will require additional charges.


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Our Temporary tattoos are compliant with the Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines.