Temporary Tattoo Preparation

Make your temporary fairy tattoos last as long as possible by providing a good clean skin surface for it to adhere to. One of the most often overlooked makeup tips is actually the easiest – Shave the area!

The fine hairs that protect your skin are also the same ones that will provide a layer between your skin and your temporary tattoos. The tattoo will never actually be set on the skin if you don’t shave first.

Applying Tattoo Transfers

1. Place the tattoo on your skin and press down on it.

2. Wet the tattoo with a paper towel and let the liquid soak into the paper.

3. Wait the recommended time. Usually about 30 seconds to 1 minute.

4. Slowly peel back the paper being careful not to remove any of the tattoo with it.

5. Slightly press your design down by tapping it with your damp paper towel.

6. Let both your skin and the tattoo dry completely.

How To Make Tattoos Look Real


"Finishing touches makes a big difference!"

The secret is to powder your tattoo with translucent powder. Do not use baby powder. Baby powder has a sheen. You want to use a translucent matte makeup powder.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive one – cheap powder works fine for this. Powdering the tattoo takes off any fake shine and helps the area to look more matte like your skin.

Temporary tattoos are a makeup accessory. They’re fun because you can change your look with them at any time. If you take the above steps to apply your designs you’ll find that your favorite one lasts longer than if it’s just slapped on haphazardly.



Once tattoos are dry and ready to apply to the skin, any solvents or harmful ingredients have evaporated.

We have sold billions of our Temporary Tattoos with no complaint of allergy or toxic reaction.

The tattoos are non-intrusive.  They do not sink into your skin.  Use rubbing alcohol or oil to remove.